Here are a few emails exchanged between me and the owner regarding work on the car, damage he caused to it and his promises to fix all damage by fully restoring the car. In court he admitted that he had no intention of repairing the damage he did to the car even when confronted with these emails and many more where he says he will repair all damage.

2003 Only Minor Work Needed
This email he sends to me after he get the car back to his shop and fully inspects the car to let me know everything that the car needed. You see here he only says the car needed minor mechanical work then it was good to go. In court he talks several times about many major problems he claimed the car had as excusess for the condition of the car when he returned it. But see the email below.

2005 Car Was Not Like That
This email is his reponse to several emails I send him with many problems with the car when he returns it to me. Here he confirms the car was not in that shape when he got it, saying "it was not like that". Confirming his statements in the email above that these problems did not exist previously.

2005 He Will Take Care of Everything
The only reason I allowed him to work on the car again was statements like he made in this email where I get a restoration estimate to repair the car locally. He states, do not have anyone touch the car, he would take care of all repairs. Again, even when confronted with this email in court he says he only promised to paint the car.

2006 The Owner Threatens to Keep My Car
This email shows the owner of The Classic Chassis threatening to keep my car unless I now pay him for all warranty work he did to the car, after I agreed to allow him to take it back to repair the damage that he admits happened at his shop. If you deal with this guy at all, you have a chance of never seeing your car again. This again shows you can trust nothing he says or promises made even when you have it in writting. And his warranties are not worth the paper they are printed on. As you can see from the photos from 2006 on, he never does the repair work as promised.