Here are some images of the car as returned to me in 2005, after he had the car for 2 years. 1.5 years longer than he was supposed to. Just one delay after another. Needless to day it spent most of its time ther just sitting in one spot outside as the photos show the damage. Not only does he not do most of what he was paid for but ruins the rest of the car in the process, leaving the car outside in a dirt lot all that time against his express promises that it would be kept indoors. As anyone knows leaving a car idle on dirt/grass for years just ruins a car. He admits the car did not have any of this damage that it was returned with when he got the car in 2003.

I am sure everyone knows that when you are doing a complete repaint of a car you remove the interior and store it to be sure no damage happens to it. The owner did not do this as this image shows. He never removes this material which gets all over everything and gets baked on from then being stored outside. See the images from 2006 to see how bad this stuff is in every corner of the car.

I would have taken alot more and detailed images but by that time he had agreed to fully restore the car to fix the damages. The images are in no particular order. He says that none of this was obvious to him upon inspecting the vehicle before it was returned. Below are some images with captions, you can view more images by using one links at the bottom of the page.

See a few images with captions below or see all the photos here

Click for larger image This image was sent to me by the owner shortly before the car was returned. You can see how badly those wheels rusted. I had owned the car since 1986 and the wheels were in perfect shape all that time. You can see from these photos, the wheels were not rusted in the slightest before he got his hands on the car.
Click for larger image Many areas of the car with badly chipped paint and other paint defects. Car was never fully stripped as promised as my old red primer from 1989 is visible here. Also note you can see part of the monte carlo bar here, missing a few bolts and sitting about 1/2 off the surface. He put that bar on knowing it would not fit, forced the hood closed and bent the hood. He also tapped down into the engine bay and sprayed the body color over it as you can see here.
Click for larger image Here is an example of the doors, both were put on crooked and sticking out from the body. They sat perfectly flush before. He was to remove some old body filler in the lower corner of the doors and possibly replace those areas with new metal if needed. However he never does the body work at all.
Click for larger image Inside the trunk showing the tail light body. Rusted water flowed over this area for a while rusting out the entire area. He never fixes this even after being paid to. Of course he admitted fault for this damage and everything else but never fixes it. After saying he was a man of his word and would fix everything at no cost to me.
Click for larger image Section of the body by the trunk showing some chipped paint. Not a big issue here, right? Well he never fixes this and claims to have repainted the car 3 times and this area is now rusting and pealing up the paint.
Click for larger image Interior of the trunk. He was not to touch the interior of the trunk. It was nicely painted and detailed since 1989. So why does he spray undercoat all over it? The reason to hide all the rust he caused from leaving it outside. He never cleans this out and I eventually had to pay him to do this. But he does such a poor job of it, it come back badly rusted.
Click for larger image Bottom of the doors. This image was a bit blurry but you can see rust here. After a complete paint job? The doors not only come back rusted but he never did the body work on them that I asked for.
Click for larger Image Due to all the water leaking into the car all of the chrome in the interior rusted. He never fixes this and I had to pay for all new chrome. And for some odd reason he takes it upon himself to repaint the interior gloss black. Which was painted satin black as it should be.
Click for larger Image The leaves here are in the air duct that comes from the cowl. No way for leaves to get in there normally. He is paid to replace the cowl but apparently leaves the car outside in the weather where leaves fall into the cowl. Which also means water flowed right into the car.
You have to remove the windshield to replace the cowl and he puts in a new seal, which obviously leaks all over the place. He never cleans up the rust nor this white material which covers the interior of the car even today. He instead paints right over top of it. You will see the results of all these leaks in 2006 section. He also never replaces the window seal and just tries to cover it with silicone making a big mess.
Click for larger Image Dash pad, caked with that white material. The pad had to be replaced. He never cleans up this material and it gets into every corner of the car and baked on while being in the sun and rain. Two examples of how the car currently looks can be found here and here.
Click for larger image Here there is a start of some rust on the undercarriage. He says he will completely strip the floors and repair any rust. He never does this. As later photos will show he just covered over this and allowed the rust to get worse.
Click for larger image Rear break drums the seals for the break fluid dry rotted and leaked ruining the paint and causing rust. All rubber including the tires were dry rotted upon return. You can also see how dirty and fouled up the paint is now. It was spotless. Much of the undercarriage of the car was returned like this.
Click for larger image Here is a shot of the rear end. It is a bit blurry but you can clearly see the scars and rust in the paint. As anyone knows you put something between the jack and the car to protect the paint. He didn't car and made no attempt to repair the damage.
Click for larger image

Despite being outside all the time the car weathered the abuse pretty good considering it was kept on dirt/grass. Here is a section of the engine bay. Mainly chipped and oxidized paint as well as caked with that white compound all over. Not nearly the nicely detailed look I had any more.

He was not to do anything to the engine bay only redetail the engine after he put some new heads on. But he clearly ruined the nice satin black paint that was here as well as most items in the bay itself were rusted.

This image will be important later as he say he completely blasts this down and paints/details with all the proper decals later. Which he does not.

Click for larger image

Engine rusting pretty bad. I had a show quality detailing on this for 12+ years. Now ruined. Engine was also leaking gas, coolant and oil upon return. He was to completely sandblast, individually paint each engine part then reassemble and detail it after replacing the heads. Seems he just decided to sit it outside instead.

He calls me a year after he puts on the new heads saying the engine no longer functions and I would have to pay to have it rebuilt. He would never tell me what happened to it. He would also not fix it. So I was charged 997 for an engine rebuild or get back a car that would not run. He then hid a double charge for this work and I ended up paying nearly 2000 for the rebuilt. He would not refund this money.

Click for larger image $6000 for complete paint and body work from a mustang restoration specialty shop. Masks off down into the engine bay spraying the body color all over the bolts and inner part of the bay. Great looking finish, don't you think?
Click for larger image He was going to put in a new steering box as part of a complete front end mechanical rebuild. But he never does this. You can see how dirty the steering box is here with leaves and pine needles stuck beside it. Showing the car was outside with the hood off for a while.