The car is finally returned in November 2006. By this time he has worked on every area of the car. Even though he admits the damage was not present before and promised to fully repair all damage, he never makes an honest attempt to fix it. Even when he was eventually paid to do so. He failed to keep any part of his promise in 2005 which was to: completely restore the car, keep it inside at all times, and have it done in under 3 months. It took him nearly 10 months and did not do half the work he promised to do and actively took steps to cover up rust to make it appear as work was done. Trying to avoid a costly court battle I agreed to them pay him to completely redo the trunk, engine and engine bay, and interior and correct all body/paint issues. And here is what I got back. Every new item he put on the car and painted himself is rusting badly, including: hood, doors, cowl, radiator, alternator, distributor, master cylinder and hood hinges. Not to mention I had to pay for new rims to replace the ones he ruined and those came back rusted as well as those new piece of crap repro bumpers.

These photos represent the damage that happened to the car at his shop and his "repairs" to those areas.

See a few images with captions below or see all the photos

Click for larger image The new reproduction bumpers he put on the car were rusted before i get the car back. To this day he will not say what he did with my bumpers or why they were removed. Nor will he return them to me.
Click for larger image The new wheels I purchased to replace my old ones that he ruined. Rusted by the time I got the car back.
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To get the doors corrected he said he would need new doors. When the car comes back the doors are way off alignment and do not shut all the way. He then tells me that all reproduction doors fit like this. After telling me before I paid for them, this is what will get the doors sitting correctly.

Of course this is all after he told me on several occasions that he fixed the lower corners of my original doors, which was the only issue with them. He just put them back on crooked and never fixed them.

Click for larger image A quality paint job? Paid $6000 for complete paint and body work and there is orange peal all over the car. Not to mention all the damage you can see in other images.
Click for larger image Damage to the area around the trunk i told him about in 2005 and never repaired. He claims to have repainted the car 3 times. And missed this each time? Now rusting and pealing up the paint.
Click for larger image More quality painting here. He does not blow out the deck lid and painted over all the dirt. Such areas can be seen on the exterior of the body as well.
Click for larger image Main reason I chose a mustang specialty shop was to repair some rust in the cowl. He stated he would need to replace it. Now the cowl does not sit flush with the fenders of the car as can be seen here. Once again he later states that was expected. And once again should have been something he should have told me about. Since this now throws off the entire front end.
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Driver side of the cowl. Can clearly see the fenders can not align with it. He attempts to "correct" this by placing some padding under the fenders to raise them but they are still below the cowl. Had he said this would be the result I certainly would not have had them do it.

Click for larger image The front and rear windows were heavily scratched up on 2005. Here is a sample. Scratches are deep enough where you can get your finger nail into them. I have been told it is likely both windows will need to be replaced since the scratches are too deep.
Click for larger image You can see here the padding he put under the fenders to raise them in an attempt to level them with the cowl, instead of redoing the cowl to get it right. Of course, the car had none of these issues before as he had admitted. Again, he makes attempts to hide the damage he does to the car instead of keeping his promises to fix it.
Click for larger image Paint on the new doors pealing off the body revealing the sealer below. Both doors are pealing like this as well as several other locations on the car. If the painting I did was so bad and his was so much better how can this be happening? Clearly very poor quality in skill. And not painting in the right conditions.
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The interior of the new doors is pictured here. He took no steps to protect it. All the bare metal inside and badly rusted. He put these doors on in early 2006 and rusted like this when returned to me in July 2006. You can imagine the rust damage that exists on all the original metal. This is the way the new doors looked when the car was returned.

Now if he kept the car inside as promised this would not have happened. Looks like 30 years of rust. Every new item he put on the car is rusting before the car gets back to me. Hood, doors, cowl, etc. Most likely he took some doors he had laying around outside and put them on the car.

Click for Larger Image Exterior of the passenger side door. Like the interior there is no primer on the metal at all and the paint is pealing off the door as can be seen here.
Click for larger image Instead of stripping all the compound and rust caused by him in 2005 from using a defective window seal he decides to simply paint over it causing this blotchy finish here. He also did not remove the window to replace the seal and just smeared silicone all around the window, which of course did not work as you can see the new water run stains here.
Click for larger image Another image of silicone smear around the window. In 2005 he returned the car with his new seal leaking badly. Instead of replacing the seal he just smears silicone around the interior to "fix" the problem.
Click for larger image Other side of the windshield still showing rust that he never cleans up from 2005 and just paints over it. Can also see the new visor rod that has rusted as well.
Click for lager image Area of the dash near where they did the cowl repair. You can see it was never painted and rusted. It also appears to be leaking from that rusted corner you can see in the background. See the image below for the stream of rusted water that comes from here.
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You can see the trail of rusty water left behind after leaks. This comes down from there the cowl vents enter under the dash. Due to its location it is hard to tell if it is from the cowl or windshield.

The issue here being. The first two time he returned the car it was raining and both of those times the cab of the car on the driver side was flooded with water. The carpet was soaked. And this leak is right above where that water came in.

Click for larger image This is an example of that dust and compound that is all over the car. This image is from just under the dash on the driver side near the pedals.
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Underside of the dash. 2 years of leaks caused some major rust. In 2005 he promises to fix this and says he did. Obviously he did not. In 2006 I pay him to completely redo the dash to the firewall, stripped, paint and all new hardware. And still it is not done. He did enough so that the front of the dash looked done but nothing else. Which is about par for him, to make an appearance of work being done.

Charged me $900 to completely redo the dash area.

Click for larger image Here is the driver side floor pan due to all the water leaking in the car. I had new floors put in back in 1989. Certainly do not look new now. I specifically told him in 2005 he will strip the floors inside and out and repair any rust damage he returned the car with. But he does not as you can see here.
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Interior of the car behind the rear trim panels. You can see that compound just caked all over the place. Of course this only makes rusting easier since any moisture will collect in that. He says this is all from polishing the car, but it is actually from when they were doing body work in 2005. As seen from this image. Notice he never removes the interior to protect it.

Of course the question is why did he never clean this up before paint and assembly?

Click for larger image An example of his metal work. For some reason he cuts out the reinforced anchor points for the seat belts and replaces that with a fender clip. A total hack job here and in my opinion, dangerous. No way a fender clip would hold up to a crash.
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To go along with the image above, here is the driver side seat removed from the car. Not only badly rusted but two of the bolts used to hold the seat in place were broken off and missing nuts completely. Only one nut was tightened down and the seat freely wiggled in place.

I doubt in a crash it would have held in place and along with the image above the seat belts would have failed as well.

Click for larger image Seat frames heavily rusted, but refuses to recover them saying they are fine.
Click for larger image Rear trim under the corner of the rear window. You can see two leaks here. The long streak is some sort of adhesive and the dried up puddle of rust next to it shows a water leak from the rear window. On the body there is a large gap between the trim and body of the car causing this leak. This was not present when I owned the car (the leak or the gap) and he then tries to say that this is normal.
Click for larger image Here we can see some rust damage from the leaking rear window seal. The seal above this area has a large gap between it and the window on the interior.
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At first glance this may seem a minor issue but goes to show just what a hack this guy is. He puts in new kick panels but instead of making sure they fit properly he decides to drill a screw through the center of it here to hold it in place. You can see that it still sticks out from the dash when it should be flush. He did this kind of thing all over the car.

Just did not care to do a good job at all.

Click for larger image Inside of the trunk showing some welding burned through on the paint. He did not bother to repaint this area and other areas causing it to rust.
Click for larger image Interior of the trunk around the taillight bodies. Came back rusted like this in 2005. He promised to fix it in 2006 but never did. I then paid him to do so and redo the entire trunk to be completely stripped and repainted and still not done. Rust is up in the welds all along the trunk now.
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This an updated image from the same area in 2005. He promised to completely strip the floors and repaint them. But he only sprayed undercoat over all the rust then said he did this, but as you can see this area is far more rusted now after spending another year outdoors at his shop.

You can see how badly damage the metal is here and will need to be replaced.

Click for larger image Another section of the floors/frames under the car. This was a new frame rail in 1989 and was never wet. You can see here how badly it is rusted. And the undercoat that he sprayed over the rust is now coming off.
Click to see larger image

This photo need some explaining. A big issue I had with him was not putting back all the bolts and parts he took off the car. The bolt here from the fender just pulls out since he did not put a fender clip below it to hold it in place. That clip needs to be in place before the fender goes on as it is not accessible once the fender is in place.

Click for larger image A section of the engine bay. I had to pay him to finally repaint it all satin black. Engine bay was to be totally blasted, painted and detailed. You can see here they did not even get paint on this section. And used only a single coat.
Click for larger image A bit hard to see with all the mud here. Yes the drove the car through mud holes before returning it. The entire underneath of the car is covered in mud. But an example of his newly repainted steering.
Click for larger image My engine was nicely painted and detailed in 2003 and came back ruined in 2005. He refused to blast and repaint properly but said he would only chemically strip it and prime and paint. Here you can clearly see the old lighter blue paint he put on in 2005 is showing through as the newer darker blue paint flakes off. He painted right over all the old paint and rust.
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When doing a professional detailing/paint of the engine bay you remove everything bolted in at the start. He never does this and just paints over things like the master cylinder and hood hinges. Which should be removed, detailed and reinstalled after paint.

You can see the difference in color around the master cylinder here as they spray painted over it while in place.

Click for larger image

A shot of the underside of the master cylinder showing how badly rusted it is now. Showing it was not removed and only painted the top part (over the rust and dirt) while it was in place. It was painted the proper silver/grey. But in their care they leaked break fluid all over it in 2005 and never bothered to fix it.

Click for larger image Here is the underside of the hood hinge. They painted the black over top of it in place and left the underside of it unpainted from back in 2005. Everyone knows you remove the hinge and paint it a silver/grey then reinstall it after the bay is painted. These were new hinges he installed in 2005 already rusted before the car was returned.