Rebuilding My Mustang

June 2010
Unfortunately I had not made any progress on the rebuild of my car. It sits unable to be driven for the last 5 years. As my update on the main page shows, the only thing that has happened is this low life has continued to cheat his customers as the local authorities will not get involved and the laws of NC protect him from lawsuits. It really angered me to get that phone call from another guy who was cheated by Clark. I certainly hope he took my advice to heart and is hounding the media and local authorities. I hope the rest of you out there that have had problems with the Classic Chassis can join in and make enough noise where they have no choice but to do their jobs and shut this guy down.

I have not yet began to rebuild the car yet. It will take me some time to save up the $40, 000+. I am currently looking for a new place, one with a garage that will allow me to do some of the work myself. But I figure this will take me about 5 years to complete. Of course I have already lost use of the car for 5 years already and currently sits in storage since it can not be driven.

Sept 2008
For now I am trying to track down original parts to replace all the ones that were removed from my car without my permission or ruined and replaced with cheap reproduction parts. I hope to be able to provide some photos and updates within the next year. I am told it will take about $20, 000 just to repair the damage done to the body, floors, rocker panel and cowl as well as completely sandblast all the rust off the car. Since he used oversized sheet metal screws in place of all the original hardware on the interior you can not use the original screws for the interior now. All those holes will have to be filled in and tapped out. Along with my original bumpers which were taken off the car, the door tags were also removed and never replaced. He will not return my original bumpers and door tags.