I contacted the Classic Chassis of Fayetteville NC in 2003 regarding doing some work on my mustang . I had previously restored the car myself in 1990 and kept the car in excellent shape all those years. I wanted them to fix up a few things that i did not do at the time. Mainly replace the cowl, fix up a few small areas of the doors and do some mechanical rebuilds of things like the steering and transmission.

The car was in excellent shape and the owner of The Classic Chassis confirmed this before he started working on the car, noting that the car only needed a few minor mechanical fixups. Even the first time he returned the car in 2005 and I informed him off all the damage, he admitted that the car was not like that when he got it in 2003.

His 6 month time frame stretched for 2 years. I lived out of state and could not be there to keep an eye on him, but he apparently kept the car outside the whole time and did not do most of what he was paint for. The car came back heavily damaged from rust. I was assured the car was being kept indoors and the owner even admitted in court the car did not have any rust on it when he got the car. See these images of the car when returned in 2005 and these images of the car after his "repairs" to fix all that damage when I got the car back in 2006 and is how the car remains today.

He promised to completely restore the car and against my better judgement and to avoid a costly court battle. I allowed him to take the car back with his express promises to have the car done in under 3 months, the car would be completely restored and kept inside at all times. This of course did not happen. The engine compartment and trunk were even more rusted than before. And he took nearly 10 months before I got the car back. But before he would return the car he said I would now have to pay him for the work he did to repair the damage he had admitted doing to the car. Of course as he had promised all this work would not cost me a dime. So be careful dealing with this guy, you may not even get your car back from him.

I tried to get him to honor his word for the complete repair of all issues and the warranty on his work. He refused. Again trying to avoid costly court battle which I could not afford I agreed to pay him to do this work. Which of course was done so poorly or not at all. And did more damage than good to the car. Upon the car's last return I again attempted to inform him of the damage that was not repaired but my emails were ignored which led me to file in court.

The car needs a total rebuild to repair all this damage, which I can not afford. And I have had to go to court over this, which I found is useless...even if you win. Had I just sent him a check for what I paid him and never had him touch the car I would have been much better off. At least I would still have a good looking car that could be driven.